Redmove Nevada Reno

Redmove Nevada

40th Assembly & 16th Senate
Dinner Debates
Thursday, June 2, 2022

Atlantis Casino Resort
Reno, Nevada

 40th  Assembly Member
P.K. O’Neil

40th  Assembly Candidate
Gary Schmidt

Don Tatro Redmove

 16th Senate Member
Don Tatro

16th  Senate Candidate
Monica Jaye

Meet the Candidate Interviews

U.S. Senate Candidate
Sharelle Mendenhall

Redmove Nevada Reno



Event Schedule

5:30 pm – Atlantis Hotel & Casino – Doors open for check-in & socializing with candidates

6:00 pm – Prayer

6:02 pm – Pledge

6:04 pm – VIP Introductions

6:07 pm – Candidates Stump Speeches (1 Minute Each)

6:15 pm – Dinner is Served (3 Meals to Choose From)

* Maple Pork Chop, Fresh Seasonal Greens, Sweet Potatoes, Vegetable Medley, Desert Fruit Tart

* Pan Seared Salmon Filet, Mediterranean Relish, Basmati Rice Pilaf, Vegetable Medley, Meyer Lemon, and Herb beurre Blanc, Desert Fruit Tart

* Chef’s Choice Veggie Meal

6:30 pm – Live Meet the Candidate Interview – Sharelle Mendenhall, Candidate for U.S. Senate

6:45 pm – 40th Assembly District Debate 

7:20 pm – Live Meet the Candidate Interview – TBA

7:35 pm – 16th Senate District Debate 

8:10 pm – Live Meet the Candidate Interview –

8:25 pm – Announcements

8:30 pm – End

Debate Rules

Each candidate will have 90-seconds for an introduction statement, then during the questions and answer session, they will be each asked the same question and given 60-seconds to answer from their right to left.

Once all candidates have answered the question, they will each have an optional 30-second rebuttal (raise your hand to request a rebuttal).

For the closing statement, each candidate will have 90-seconds.

The moderator is Eddie Floyd from America Matters Media

Eddie Floyd  will select the questions.  

At the bottom of this page are examples of our past debates. They were produced by Redmove Nevada and sponsored by The Nevada Commonwealth, the Sierra Republican Club, and Independent Nevadas


Mark & Annie Story

John Burr

Joseph Walton

Kurt & Claudia Fisher

Lyon Marshall

Kim Bacchus 

Stafford Family Trust

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The Great Republican Debates 2022 - Reno, NV



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