Nevada Commonwealth

December 2, 2021

John Sanchez Wealth Management LLC

Lunch With Jon Sanchez

Wealth Management LLC - Jon reports on business news and the stock market weekdays during Ross and Ryan in the Morning, and just after the market closes on the 1:04pm KOH local news. Plus get a full hour of business talk and opinion from Jon, afternoons from 5-6pm on The Jon Sanchez Show. Jon takes your questions and comments at 852-TALK and 800-564 KKOH.

11:00 am - Doors open for registration & socializing

11:30 am - Welcome & Prayer & Pledge & VIP Introductions - Lunch is Served

11:35 am - Candidates (no surrogates this is for candidates. This portion is for candidates to practice and improve presentations as well as to inform our members). Five minutes each to answer the following question:

Lorna Quisenberry - for Washoe Assessor
Chris Sarman - for Washoe Assessor
Manny Kess -for NV Treasurer,
Gerard Ramalho for NV Sec.of State

11:45 Election Integrity Overview by Jim Marchant (also a candidate for NV Sec. of State)

11:55 Presentation by Sharell Mendenhall Candidate for US Senate

12:05 PM Keynote Speaker Jon Sanchez

12:25 Q & A

12:50 Announcements - End of Luncheon

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2022 Schedule for the Nevada Commonwealth Debates - Reno, NV

January 6th – Governor’s Debate – Dinner, Moderator Dan Mason & Eddie Floyd

February 3rd – Secretary of State & Lieutenant Governor Debate – Dinner (There will be two seperate debate this night). 

March 3rd – Attorney General & Treasure Debates – Dinner (There will be two seperate debates this night) 

April 7th – US Senate & House of Representative Debates – Dinner (There will be two seperate debates)

May 5th – Assembly & State Senate Candidates Presentations – Lunch

June 2nd – Local Offices – Washoe County Commissioners & School District – lunch

Primary Election Tuesday, June 14th